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 BanKai training

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PostSubject: BanKai training   Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:53 pm

ok there are rules before the BanKai can be acheved. Sorry if the information in other area's is incorect.

    BanKai rules
  1. You MUST have at least 700 posts.
  2. You must have a teacher that has the same thing as you (fighting style, element, ect.)
  3. You must have over 1000 words in the whole topic.

Then there is your SanKai Training. again sorry if the information in other area's is incorect.

    SanKai Rules
  1. You MUST have at least 1600 posts.
  2. You must have obtained and have full control of BanKai.
  3. you must have over 2500 posts in your whole topic.
  4. You must have full control of your element. (lightning, steel, ect)

The SanKai is optional. you do not have to have it. and the same with BanKai and ShiKai. you don't have to have them if you don't want it...


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BanKai training
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