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Name: Phantom Feara
Name: Narora
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Made by Nex



 Light Kurosaki [Retired Vizard Leader and Vizard]

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Usuke [Nex]
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Name:: Nex
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PostSubject: Light Kurosaki [Retired Vizard Leader and Vizard]   Light Kurosaki [Retired Vizard Leader and Vizard] Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 2:23 pm

M a i n - D e t a i l s

Name:Kurosaki, Light
Age of Death: 15
Current Age: 127
Appearance: Light is never dressed in the shinigami uniform. He always wares the clothing he normally wares when he attends to school. He has light brown eyes and brown hair that meets up to his shoulders at the sides and back and meets to the lines of his eyebrows to the front. He always wares necklaces that look sorta gothic but when he places the hollow mask on his face the necklaces fuse into his skin making a design in black on his white and red chest. He normally has his mask hidden with his spiritual energy. Usually his sword is sheathed and placed on his back. He always wares gloves when he is near the Soul society so like Kenpatchi's eye patch it acts like blockage to his rietsu power which might give him away.
Personality: Light is a layed back and lazy Vizard. He usually smokes to relieve his stress. When at times when he isn't calm he tends to brutally murder or injure who ever is near him. When he attends school he always fakes his emotions to make him look like he is a nice person. Little do they know he is a vizard seeking out to kill them all. Currently the leader of the vizards due to the death of Itchigo Korasaki. (no relation just a cuinsedince)
History: Human Arc
As a child Light was always perfect in anyway. He was very smart in all his classes. But the problem was at age 14 he fell into a plot that had killed him. He and a bunch of his friends were caught into the cross fire of seeing a humacide. This lead to the man that was witnessed killing a family, that family which was light's was the the very man that had seffered the throat of light by prying it right open with his knife. Three of his friends saw this happen...two of them died the other one got away and the man was put in treason of murder which then lead to his procecussion.
Shinigami Arc
Years pass and Light is already a lueitenant of the 4th division. He is now 116 years old already unlocked his bankai in full bloom. How ever when years pass a little more he was driven into corruption when the Soul Society had killed his best friend the third seat in division two. With his dead he sided against the Soul Society and then shortly showed signs of a piece of a hollow mask in the last battle between the arrancar and the shinigami. Shortly after Light left the Soul Society he had bumped into the leader of the Vizards', Kurosaki, Itchigo.
Vizard Arc
Light is now 120 and he had trained with Itchigo and faced his inner hollow. Later on in years to come Light became 123 and his hollow got the best of him and acted on his own where the Inner hollow had killed Itchigo in battle and lead Light to be the leader of the group. Ironically the mask that he wares was the same mask that bellonged to the hollow of the man that killed light.
Mask Appearance: Red shadowing mask with five point on each side each perfectly symetrical. and the eyes looking alot more evil than most. Bares 13 teeth on each side of the mouth (top and bottom) and the mouth is closed.
Duration of Mask Control: 10-20 posts
Spirit: Kansuke
Spirit Appearance: A dark figure (yeah uh you don't have to type a paragraph but please try)
Sprit Personality: Acts very evil (same as what I typed up top)

W e a p o n

Zanpakutou: Hebun-Nakumora/Hebun-Hikari-Nakumora
Dormant Appearance: In sealed state it looks like a regular Katana
Shikai Call: Raise throught the winds, and brease through the skys. GO Hebun-Nakumora!
Shikai Appearence:
Shikai Abilities:
-Heavenly Breeze:causes a gust of wind wind creates 4 cuts on the opponents body. easy to sence.
-Heavenly Call:The user slashes down as a gust of wind is put into one clean slice. Usually best to throw off the opponent to call a kido attack.
-Heavenly Grace:the user runs with speed and slashes the opponent and three cuts would be found on the opponents body. pretty easy to dodge.
Bankai Call: Graise into the Heaven!. GO Hebun-Hikari-Nakumora!
Bankai Appearence:
Bankai Abilities:
Heavenly Grace:More advanced harder to dodge
Heavenly Call: creates a wind dragon to strike which catches opponent off gaurd and injured to use kido.
Heavenly Breaze:More advenced harder to sence and more cuts
Kidou:Basic Kido

O t h e r

Other: Now a retired vizard leader but still uses mask
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Narora Araragi
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Narora Araragi

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Character Area
Name:: Narora Uchimaki
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PostSubject: Re: Light Kurosaki [Retired Vizard Leader and Vizard]   Light Kurosaki [Retired Vizard Leader and Vizard] Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 2:32 pm



Chibi Bet.

And if it all shall fall apart
I will know deep in my heart
The only dream I had came true
Cause I was loved by you.
Light Kurosaki [Retired Vizard Leader and Vizard] Broken_heart-1823
-Unloved. (by Naught)
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Light Kurosaki [Retired Vizard Leader and Vizard]
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