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 Chapter 2-1 Chakra Life in the Living

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PostSubject: Chapter 2-1 Chakra Life in the Living   Chapter 2-1 Chakra Life in the Living Icon_minitimeFri Jan 22, 2010 8:11 am

Chapter 2-1 West Karakura town

Chakra's life in the living

Chakra's life growing up was not a easy one as other children was making comments about the marks on his face and the fact he was abandoned by his family Chakra never knew why he was abandoned so he would always ignore it and keep his life and comments to himself and no one ever heard him speak not even at school as he would do anything to avoid talking, On one occasion it was 6th of February Chakra's birthday having never cared Chakra always hid in a tree to escape people talking to him and wishing him a happy birthday because he knew they are only being kind for one day and there is no point of talking to them as they would say about his facial
marks again.

Even though on 6th of February there was a knock at the door of the care home as Chakra was the only one that heard it he opened the door and there was a child same age as Chakra and had the same look as Chakra even the facial marks were the same just a bit taller, Chakra looked at the boy

“ Hi my name is Kaida What's yours?” The boy at the door said

“ . . . . . . . Chakra” Chakra said speaking in a low tone of voice

Chakra Let Kaida into the home while looking at Kaida, He had the same hair the same face and markings and the same eye's Kaida looked round to see Chakra staring at Kaida

“ Yes?” Kaida asked

“ . . . . . Nothing” Chakra replied in a low tone again

The children that was in the home came inside from the back and Saw Chakra and Kaida

“ Chakra Go away . . . Hey kid what's your name?” A boy said in the crowed
Chakra walked over to the kid then made a fist and punched him in the stomach making the boy kneel on the floor holding his stomach while coughing then Chakra walked away outside into a tree.

“ My Name is Kaida what s a matter with him?” Kaida asked while watching that

“ Don't worry about him he doesn't join in on anything or speaks so no one talks to him plus he would be extra moody since it's his birthday” A Girl said helping the boy on the floor up

Kaida looked over to Chakra getting in the tree and followed him as Chakra looked down at Kaida he said

“ Yes come to make fun of me?” Chakra said going higher up the tree

“ I come to say happy birthday because no one should be left out on there birthday like I have“ Kaida said looking up in the tree

Chakra looked down at Kaida after reaching the top of a branch then sitting down

“ Thank you so when is your birthday?” Chakra asked

“ Today same as you” Kaida replied looking at the floor

Chakra jumped down the long tree and looked at Kaida “ Happy birthday to you too”

Chakra and Kaida shook hands and a memory flashed in both there heads reviling that they were brothers as they both looked at each other in shock they then went there separate ways


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Chapter 2-1 Chakra Life in the Living
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