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Name: Phantom Feara
Name: Narora
Name: Senso
Name: Chakra
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Name: Nex


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 Members of Death Call

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Narora Araragi
Gardien-Key / Master Vizard / Co-Founder / Hokage-Hikarikage / The Silver Flash

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Name:: Narora Uchimaki
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PostSubject: Members of Death Call   Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:16 pm

Narora: No. I
Founding member. Has the power of the Bleach world and controls many Zanpakuto. 2 most at a time. his Lightning powers exsede almost everyone.

Naught: No. II
Founding Member. The second member of the group. His observations exceeds that of anyone elses as well as his movements.

Aqua: No III
A girl with releation to Narora. her secret Crush on Naught is known only by him, Chakra, and Manka. Her Water powers are unstopable in a battle.

Chakra: No. IV
Founding Member. Has a wife named Ayame and a daughter. he left with Narora and Naught on a 2 year trip to train, appon returning he found that Ayame had given up on him. his power over Fire is almost as good as a Sun.

Dainima: No. V
She has Control over Ice and an attatude to go with it. though she is very rude, she is also very beautiful. but never lets anyone now her well.

Zenxima: No. VII
He has a cold personality to anyone he does not know. his attacks are visous and will not stop attacking untill his enemy is dead. His power over Nothing makes him a Force to be reconed with.

Xeone: No. VIII
The Lazy one. he spends most of this time asleep or laying around. his power over wind is great to the point he came mak an unstopable blade of wind. but being lazy, counters that.

Senna: No. IX
A 14 year old girl who is always Cheary. Her Rose pettles are Beautiful but Deadly at the same time.

Sendo: No. X
One of the most emotionless peole you will meet. always quiet and when he does speek it is normaly to insoult someone. Al Cower at his Dark Power.

Manka: No. XI
The only member besides Narora, and Naught to obtain a Sankai. his LIght shines brightly in the darkness and sendo's twin brother. and like his brother, he is very hansome.


Chibi Bet.

And if it all shall fall apart
I will know deep in my heart
The only dream I had came true
Cause I was loved by you.

-Unloved. (by Naught)

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[Flame King]Naught
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Name:: Naught
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PostSubject: Re: Members of Death Call   Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:18 pm

(Lmao, we got some cool ass members.)
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Collard Chibi Fox Chakra
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Name:: Chakra
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PostSubject: Re: Members of Death Call   Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:50 am

( awesomeeee)


Chibi bet


Chakra's Theme Song
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PostSubject: Re: Members of Death Call   

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Members of Death Call
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