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 Narora's Side Story: Hollow Mask

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PostSubject: Narora's Side Story: Hollow Mask   Narora's Side Story: Hollow Mask Icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 7:39 pm

Name: Hollow Mask
Rating: T-M
Author: Narora
Chapter No.: One (1)
Characters: Narora U & Hiyori S. & Ichigo K. & Hollows
Genre: Romance, Action, Fighting, Minor Death.
Status: In Progress
Making Storys:


That is what was not on Narora's side.... Time was his enemy in this training. he sighed as he formed his Mask again.

"... ok... 34 seconds.... GO!" Narora flew at trees and constenly choped them down, one by one. he jumped in the air and swung down Hikari and Ryuujin at the ground.

"Getsuga... HIKARI!" he yelled as a huge slash of Silver and Black power flew at the area. it was huge and readeated power. the beam heded for a Man eating a Ramen bowal. the man put his hand up and knocked away the blast like it was a fly.

"..... Narora you need to learn aim and power if your gonna be the head of the Vizard Alliance." the man went back to his ramen.

"Bleh F**k you Ichigo." Narora charged at the trees again and swated one down before his mask broke.

Ichigo looked over at the Silver Haird boy. "well we know y;ou can hold it for 1 minute now."

Narora grined then formed it again and continued training....

(6 houres later)
Narora was on the ground panting hevely. Ichigo walked over and.......... kicked him.

"OW WHAT THE F**k??!?!" Narora yelled as he jumped up.

"if you have the energy to conplain you have the energy to train... now." Ichigo turned around and walked back to his tree to nap.

Narora was red in the face. maybe it was from Ichigo making a fool out of him... maybe it was because his Girlfriend in another tree was laughing lightly... maybe it was both. Narora filped him of and formed his mask again.

(6 more hours later)
Narora was tired.... no scratch that... HE WAS EXSOSTED!!! he had improved his Mask to 2 minutes of holding it from 12 hours ago when he could hold it for 33 seconds.

Narora looked over at Ichigo who was asleep.

'This guy is a slave driver... wors then my father Itachi....' he thought to himself. he noticed a Shadow over him and looked up to see his Girlfriend, Hiyroi Sarugeki, looming over him.

"Naro-kun your not gonna get any better laying there." she said to him.

Narora looked at his Zanpakutos, Hikari and Ryuujin. "bleh... Ichigo is.... asleep and i.... need the rest.....".

(Next Day)
Narora woke up in the field he was in yesterday. he tried to sit up only to find that there was extra waight on his chest. he looked down to see Hiyori once again on his chest.

"damn... well i'm getting up any way." Narora sliped out from under her and stood up. he streched to losen his back. it was killing him from sleeping on the ground again. He was knocked into a tree by a foot.

"GAH!" he smashed into and when threw 3 before stoping at the 4th. he looked up and seen Ichigo, who'm he gessed it was, standing there with a Sh** eating grin.

"don't let your gard down Narora." Narora got up and formed his mask before charging at Ichigo and swung Ryuujin and Hikari down forming his move. "Getsuta Hikari!!!" the blast few at Ichigo before he onec again knocked it away like a fly with his hand.

"calm down. your to loud. and hide your Reiatsu your gonna attract-" he was cut of as he jumped back from a Claw that hit the ground and made a small crator.

"... Hollows..." Ichigo finnished his sentance just as Narora jumped over him and formed another Getsuga.

"Getsuga Aiyokuai!!" The blast took the color of White and Red witch flew at the Hollow's and oblitorated them. he turned around and broke his mask. "now, who was weak Ichigo-Sensei?"

"just get to training. you've only got 2 minutes of use... get to work before i get Hiyori to train you." When Ichigo looked back Narora was seen sweating wall attacking the trees.

"thats what i thought." Ichigo turned around again and took a nap.

(6 Hours later)
Narora was standing infront of a Menos that had appeared when Narora wasn't controling his Reiatsu when he used the Getsuga Aiyokuia again. he doged a huge Cero from it before jumping up and slashing at its mask.

The Great beased screamed in pain and knocked him away. Narora landed on his hands and fliped himself on his feet.

"Damn..." Narora put his hand to his face and started to colect energy. Aiyokuia's White and Red Reitasu moved to Narora's face and started to form his mask. he was almost done before it broke.

'Sh**! im at my limit!' he thought as he doged another Cero from the enraged Menos. he formed a Blue wave of power at the mask of the Menos.

"Getsuga Hikari!" the attack hit and chiped off a good porshon of the mask. The creture scremed and opend a portal.

"oh no you don't you Ho of a Hollow!" Narora appeared infront of the Hollow and started to suck out is Reiatsu. when he had enough he formed his mask at a alarming rate and basted the Menos with Mutipul Getsuga Hikari's and Aiyokuia.

"Thats right i own your ASS!!" Narora appered infront of its mask and sliced it to bits before landing.

"hump." Narora's mask broke as the creture disitagrated.

Claping is heard from behind Narora. he looks and sees someone he never thought he would again.

"good job... Nii-san." The man said.

"Sunki!!" Narora formed his mask again at the same time going into his ShiKai and charging. The man, Named Sunki now, simply knocked him into a tree.

"foolish little brother." Narora got up again, formed his Now Broken mask again and charged once again then slashed with Getsuga Hikari witch was once again, knocked to the side, but not with his hand... but a finger. witch he then used to stab threw Narora's mask, braking it.

"your still too weak little Brother." Narora started to pass out when Sunki suddenly let go and jumped back, leting narora get air to his lungs again.

"i thought i killed you." a voice that sounded like Ichigo said.

"Ichigo-Sensei..." he said as his Sensei changed to his BanKai form.

"what do you want?" he asked putting Tensa-Zangetsu up at his neck. Sunki didn't flinch.

"i'm here to call a turce." he said simply.

"and how do i beleve that?" Ichigo pushed Zangetsu harder agenced his neck, but no blood. "you attacked my Student."

"i was simply diffending myself. if you knowtice, he attacked me first."

Ichigo reverted to normal, it was true, Narora had thrown the first punch.

"well what do you want from this truce." he still kept Zangetsu at his neck.

"me? the pleasure of seeing my Otouto again." he looked to Narora who was still panting on the ground. then back to Ichigo.

"is that so bad?"

"well... fine." Ichigo put Zangetsu back. "but one stupid move, and i'll sever your pritty little face from your body. Clear?" Ichigo got in his face.

"... as cristal..." Sunki said as he turned away to a tree in the distance.

"and who is watching us and leaking a very low Reiatsu?" he kept staring at the tree.

Narora got up and cought some of his breth. "thats......... Hiyori.....-chan......" he said panting hard. Sunki must have used a little Reiyoku in that grip to cut off his air pipe. his own Reiyoku was working on removing it, and converting it into his own type of Reiyoku.

(will continue)

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Narora's Side Story: Hollow Mask
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