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 Hollow Frenzy (9)

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PostSubject: Hollow Frenzy (9)   Hollow Frenzy (9) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 7:31 pm

(i am looking for 8 for now. i cannot find it no matter where i look so... here)

Name: Hollow Frenzy
Rating: M
Author: Narora
Chapter No.: 7
Characters: Narora U. & Sheena F. & Master Vizard
Genre: Action, Fighting, Adventure, Romance, Character Death
Status: Hadius.
Narora stood in a field waiting for Hauhyi. Sheena was next to him.

"he's late..." he said to himself, not knowing Sheena was there.


"GAH!!" Narora jumped as he herd the voice.

"Don't do that damnit!" he screamed.

"haaah." Sheena pointed and stuck out her tunge.

Narora's eye started to twich. "Why you little Brat!" he was about ready to strangle her when a portal opend and out walked Hauhyi and a man in a green cape.

"this is my master, Sushin." Hauhyi said as he introduced the Vizard Master.

"... so this is the Vizard you met. good!" he pulled out his Zanpakuto. "lets start shall we? im not much of a talker..."

Narora pulled out Mira and Hikari, over the year that had passed Silver Heaven and Ryuubi had changed when he got his Hollow Mask.

"yes lets."

Narora and Sushin waited then vanished. they appeared with there swords clashing agenced each other. Narora was even with Sushin, but was starting to be forced back.

"got to do better." Sushin tounted, then Narora started to push back, then jumped away.

"damn." he pointed Mira and Hikari forword.

"BAN... KAI!!" in a explosion of power Narora stood with a Zanpakuto, but on his hands where claws/stinggers, too. the left was gold and the right was Silver. in the right there was a Blade with a Dragon running along the blade and a Silver Dragon head at the end of the hilt.

his clothing had changed too. he now had on a Silver Shinigami like outfit with chains on the right pocket, and on the left leg. it had many, many pockets, so anything could be in them.

"Gofu-Mira." He said.

"heh. a BanKai huh? well then let me show my power too." Sushin brought his hand up to his face, red flackes of Reiatsu started to gather and then formed a mask in less then the time it took to blink an eye.

"Can you beat this?" Sushin appeared infront of Narora and started to slash and swing at him. he hit Narora on his left arm, leaving a huge gash.

"Shit!" Narora jumped back, holding his bleeding arm.

"I didn't think you could." Sushin continued to swing at narora. he hit im on his leg, then his neck side, then on his forhead. Sushin appeared infront of Narora and punched him into a tree.

"i gess you aren't as great as he said." Sushin pointed to Hauhyi as be spoke.

Narora got out of the tree.

"im not done yet." Narora put his hand to his face, just as Sushin had done. White Reiatsu waves moved around his face and started to form a mask. Narora pulled his hand down, at the same time releassing a berst of the same white reiatsu.

the power cleared like smoke and showed Narora in a type of circle of the white reiatsu, then a hiss sounded threw the air.

Sushin gasped as Narora brought his hand down and showed a Hollow mask, it looked like a Dragon mask with a Horn comeing from the top. Narora vanished from site...

Sushin had just enough time to unsheath his sword and block a attack From Narora. a second later whit power appeared around narora like a comet, but not conpleatly surrounding him, just a few lines here and there.

Narora pushed his blade agenced Sushin then he said:

"Getsuga Shippou." when it was said, Sushin gave a grunt of fear then white reiatsu formed and made what looked like a arow type of shape. the power cleared once again and you can see Sushin covered in blood and panting.

"*pant pant* damn... a hollow mask...?"" Narora brought up his blade and swung down making another Getsuga Shippou. the attack crashed into Sushin, at the same time braking his mask.

Narora appeared infront of him and brought his blade up.

"your finnished, Sushin. Ahhhhhh!!-" he froze as his mask started to crack. his eyes widened as the mask broke off his face.

'My Mask...' he thought. Sushin grined and charged at Narora.

"You'er finnished Uchimaki!" he knocked Gofu-Mira aside and slashed acrost Narora's chest sending him flying.

'My....... Mask.' Narora looked to his right and seen Sushin, who turned his hand with a slight laugh making Narora grunt. Narora brought up his blade in time to block a attack from Sushin.

"I see you can't hold that Mask for long huh? well its to late now Uchimaki." Sushin punched him into the ground, Narora landed with a loud smack, Sushin landing not far from him.

Narora got to his hands and knees panting hard before he looked up to Sushin.

"Shit..." he brought up his hand and formed his Hollow mask again. he got up and was about to fire a Getsuga Shippou when his Mask cracked and broke after 4 seconds.

Sushin grined and charged at Narora with is blade ready to slice him in half.

"Die!" the screen blacks out...

_________ to be continued..... maybe_____________


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Hollow Frenzy (9)
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