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 Hollow Frenzy (6)

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PostSubject: Hollow Frenzy (6)   Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:30 pm

Name: Hollow Frenzy
Rating: M
Author: Narora
Chapter No.: 6
Characters: Uchimaki, Narora & Fujibayashi Sheena & Hauhyi
Genre: Adventure & Action & Fighting & Crossover: (Naruto/Bleach/tales of symphonia(Sp?)))
Status: In Progress
Narora sigh. he had been fighting Hollows all day, and he only used 5% of his 20% usable to kill them. his head flicked to his right to see Arrancar start to come from a portal.

"Uchimaki, Narora. we will not make the mistakes the others have." He said as he showed he was the new No. 4 Espada.

"Really." Narora said as he took out his Zanpakutos and got into a ready Kata. He dashed at one and aimed Silver Heaven at his midsection. the Arrancar blocked with no effort, then pushed him away.

Narora smiled, "this is gonna be fun..." he said as he released the Genta Kigo to let out more power so he was at 30% now. He dashed at him and clashed blades once again, this time matching him in power.

Then a yell rang out.

"WATER DRAGON!" a Female voice said as a Dragon made of water sprang to life and started to attack the Arrancar.

Narora jumped back and looked up to see a girl falling to the ground. he seen that she was a ninja to. he moved to the side as she landed on the ground.

Narora’ eyes widened considerably as he saw her choice of clothing. If anything it was a partial battle kimono mixed with ninja trekking gear. The front of the kimono opened to reveal a rather well endowed chest hat was only hidden by a white undershirt of sorts. Her hair was a very Anko’ish style, but black instead of purple. She looked at Narora carefully. Then threw a kunai at a Arrancar, never taking her Brown eyes of Narora.

"who ar-" Narora was interrupted as a Arrancar came at him from behind as he clashed blades with him then pushed him back at the same time jumping back. the Kunoichi was having the same trouble as him. they landed back to back, watching the Arrancars.

"like i was saying... Who are you?" Narora said as he threw 10 Shriken at an Arrancar trying st stab him. The Shriken dug themselves in his leg.

"my Name is-" she ducked under a Slice and Stabbed the Arrancar in the head making blood spader every were. "Fujibayashi, Sheena."

"nice to-" he ducked and cut the Arrancar into peases making Blood and guts splatter everywhere. "meet you Sheena I'm-" he used a Cero against them. "Uchimaki, Narora."

The No. 4 Espada started to attack wall his other Arrancar comrades weir cut down by these two People.

"Narora! once again we meat!" Said a voice as a Cero killed 2 Arrancar. Hauhyi appeared next to him and Sheena.

"Hauhyi, god man its good to see you." Narora said as he sliced at a Arrancar taking the head off.

"yes i said we would meet again." he said.

"i got an idea. it might not work th-" he ducked only to slice the throat of a Arrancar killing him and making blood spurt out like a Sprinkler. "though..."

Narora held out his hand.

"Bakudo No. 104: Hollow Shield!" he yelled as a barrier made of Chakra, Reiatsu, and Ki came up stopping the Arrancars attacks for know.

"OK heres the plain..." he started to whisper in there ears. a few minutes later they weir ready.

"let's go!" he yelled as he broke the barrier and vanished with Sheena and Hauhyi.

Narora reappeared in the air upside down and Sheena appeared next to him Right side up. Hauhyi appeared a crossed from them. Narora started to do hand seals, Hauhyi charged up a Gold Cero, and Sheena started to chant.

"Ready, FIRE!!! Ryuuton: Twine Adimasaku Ryuus(Dragon Style: Twin Black Fire Dragons)!!!!!1!!!one!!!" Black dragons came out of his mouth as he shot them at the Arrancars from his upside down, in the air spot.

Sheena finished her chanting. "twin Water Dragons!!" two dragons made of water appeared and flew at them.

Hauhyi finished charging his Golden Cero and Fired it. "Golden Ryuu Cero(Golden Dragon Hollow Blast)!!!!" a blast of Golden energy blasted at them looking like a Fearless golden dragon.

The attacks hit and killed the Remaining Arrancar. Narora and co fell to the ground unharmed.

"just like old times a Hauhyi!?" Narora said with a smile and in his Crouched down position.

Hauhyi grinned back, then looked at Sheena.

"hello I'm Hauhyi it is nice to meet you..." he said holding out his hand.

"Fujibayashi, Sheena." She said taking his hand.

"sorry to brake up this touching moment but why are you here Hauhyi?" Narora asked his fellow Vizard.

"our leader has accepted your challenge to fight him." He said.

"Really?! YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" Narora said as he jumped in the air.

then he looked at Sheena. "and why are you here Sheena-Chan?" Narora asked the Kunoichi.

Sheena blushed at the Suffix Narora had given her. "i was just (stalking you) passing by and heard the Sound of battle and charged in."

Narora nodded bleaving it. "well it was nice to meet you Sheena-Chan and it was good to see you again Hauhyi! but i must go. maybe we will see each other again some day." Narora said as he picked up Silver Heaven and Ryuubi and Seethed them. and started to walk away.

Sheena waved at him. "maybe!" then she said she also had to go and left in the same direction of Narora. Hauhyi just got his Zanpakuto and left to tell his Master.
Narora was walking but could have sworn that he heard a voice giggle. he looked around but passed it on as him hearing things. he turned around and started to walk again.

Sheena, was behind a bush watching(Stocking) Narora. she Giggled at he turned around, and started to walk away with her fallowing him.

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Hollow Frenzy (6)
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