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 Hollow Frenzy (5)

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PostSubject: Hollow Frenzy (5)   Hollow Frenzy (5) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 7:29 pm

Name: Hollow Frenzy
Rating: M
Author: Narora
Chapter No.: 5
Characters: Narora U. & Hauhya Y.
Genre: Fighting & Action
Status: In Progress
Narora sighed as another Vizored appeared.

"Uchimaki, Narora. please come with me. my name is Hauhya Yuti." he said.

"no thanks." Narora said turning around and walking away.

Hauhya took out his Zanpakuto, Yuki and charged Narora from behind.

"you have no say in the matter." he said swinging at his back.

Narora takes out Silver Heaven and blocks it. then tries to sweep his legs. Hauhya jumps and on his way down tries to slice him in half. Narora blocks and disappears. he reappears behind him as cut marks appear all over Hauhya.

'his skin is like mine... hard as steel.' he thought as he blocked a strike from Hauhya.

Narora pushed him away and swung Ryuubi at his midsection.

Hauhya jumped to doge his attack and on his way down swung his Zanpakuto at him aiming for his head.

Narora doges and tried to stab him with silver heaven.

Hauhya side stepped and swung his Blade up at Narora's chin.

Narora black flipped to doge and at the same time kicked Hauhya in his chin.

Hauhya is sent flying but flips in the air and lands on his feet, skidding back.

Narora sigh. "you can't beat me, Hauhya. I'm too strong for you." Narora said as he put his Zanpakutos over his shoulder.

Hauhya stood up straight and charged at him.

Narora simply doges and at the same time ran Silver Heaven along his body, making blood to pour out of him.

Hauhya fell to the ground on his back. "you have beaten me, Uchimaki Narora. kill me."

Narora walked up to him and turned his Silver Heaven in his hand and brought hi down. Hauhya closed his eyes waiting for the blow.


Hauhya opened his eyes to see Silver Heaven in the ground inches from his face. Narora pulled it out and seethed it.

"I'm not gonna kill you, Hauhya. there's no need and it is senseless. live and tell your master that I'm waiting for him." Narora said as he picked him up and he opened a portal and Hauhya walked in.

Narora started to walk again.


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Hollow Frenzy (5)
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