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 Hollow Frenzy (2)

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Narora Araragi
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Name:: Narora Uchimaki
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PostSubject: Hollow Frenzy (2)   Hollow Frenzy (2) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 7:27 pm

Name of story: Hollow Frenzy
Rating: M (Mature, 14+)
Chaper no.: 2
Characters: Narora U.
Statis:in progress
Narora had just killed a vast amount of Hollows.

'why is there suddenly a lot of Hollow activity?' he thought to him self.

he seen 10 Arrancar pop out from Hueco Mundo.

"Uchimaki Narora. your coming with u-" the Arrancar is cut short vea a blade thrugh his mouth.

"Am I now?" he asked(thing Pirets of the Carabbean style)

1 Arrancar seeing the death of his partner tried to shove his Zanpakuto through Narroa. he was serprised to see his arm cut off, and Two Naroras. one exploded into smoke the other stabed his blade into him.

Narora then disappeared. he reappeared in a tree. 5 of the remaning Arrancar exploded into Blood.

"and then there wheir 3" Narora said. he jumpled down from the tree as an Arrancar tried to stab him again but was cut in half as Narora ran to the next. Narora made a Ryuu Bushen that went to one, and the origanal went to the other one.

"you die here." he said as he vanished and reappeared with a Grand Ray Cero to the Arrancars head.

the clone Narora sent was killed and the other Arrancar charged Narora only to see another Grand Ray Cero at his face.

"See you later." Narora said as he fired the Ceros at them. the one on his right had a hole blasted thrugh his face. the left had his head and half of his Body blown off.

Narora continued to walk, but not before praying for the Arrancar.
_________To Be Continued..._______

Read and Reveiw please!


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Hollow Frenzy (2)
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