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 Hollow Frenzy

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PostSubject: Hollow Frenzy   Hollow Frenzy Icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 7:26 pm

(just thought i'd bring it over from AA XD i was just starting as a writer so no hard critisizom)

Name of story: Hollow Frenzy
Rating: M(Mature, 14+)
Chaper no.: 1
Characters: Narora U.
Statis:in progress
The Vastos Lorde tried a Cero, Narora just knoked it away. the two Minos Grande put together two of their Ceros, making a Grand Ray Cero. Narora disappeares and reappeares cuting clear thrugh the masks of the Menos.

"Weak." the Lorde fires a Grand Ray Cero but it is just absorbed as Narora put his Right hand out as a Vastos Cero(Great Lords Hollow Blast) appeares. he fires it and the Vasto has a Hole bruned thrugh him (No Coment). then an Arrancar disides to be stupid and charges. it soon found the tip of Silver Heven in its forhead.

Narora sighed as 10 Vastos Lorde, 20 Menos Grande, 4 Arrancar, and 70 Hollow appear.

"well this'll take some time..." he took his Kata.

3 Hollow charge but are killed vea mask cut in half. 5 Vastos Lorde make Grand Ray Ceros and put them together making a Grande Lorde Cero(Masive Lord Hollow Blast). 3 Menos come at him but are killed by a Blast of Reiatsu, Chakra, and Ki from Narora all around his body. the blast took out 7 Minos, 2 Vastos, 20 Hollow, and 1 Arrancar.

"your all weak." he makes a Vastos Cero and fires it at the oncoming Grande Lorde Cero the Vastos fired. the Cero from them is ingulfed by his and they are killed form the Cero still going.

13 Menos grande, 8 Vastos Lorde, 47 Hollow, and 3 Arrancar left.

Narora made a Vizored Grande Lorde Keyug Cero(Half Hollows Masive Lord King Cero.) he shot it and all that was left wheir 1 Arrancar, 2 Vastos Lorde, and 1 Hollow.

Narora ran to the Hollow and ran thrugh it with Silver Heven. he made a Ryu Bushen that killed the Vastos. the Clone exploded as Narora held a Grand Ray Cero to the Arrancar.

"Buh bye." he said as he Cero took off the Arrancars head.

Narora put his Zanpakuto back and walked away


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Hollow Frenzy
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