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 Ka'Kari Prophacy

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Usuke [Nex]
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PostSubject: Ka'Kari Prophacy   Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:53 pm

Ka'Kari Prophacy Information:

Basic Information-

Name-Ka'Kari Noshou Uso Nashorou [made up name] Alias Ka'Kari Prophacy

Type- Type S [Clan Prodigy Birth Ability]

Noshou- The ablility to create any weapon in thin air and not through the structure of the body
-Down Fall is that is restrains 20% of chakra for every weapon creation
Uso- The ability to make linings up the body that when striken the blow is deflected and can easyily be countered.
-Down Fall is that it restrains 70% chakra for every other counter that is used.
Nashorou- The ability to become a beast of a kind...its also known as the Humunculi state.
-Down Fall is once this form is used you can never revert back and you need to kill to live. Forbidden form and very deadly it drains 90% of chakra from the body.

Advanced Information-

Background Information: The mark was created when the two bonds of the Ka'Kari are fused into the body of the child at birth...it is said that the weilder of such power always became insane and used the humunculi state killing them completly. The markings of the body relate to the elements they control (Earth, Air, Water).

Marking Formation [where it is located and how to activate]:

Earth: markings that are trailed down the left arm to the left palm along with the right to the right palm. The image of the earth mark are triangles of the color green.
-Activation is only made due when the ninja sheds blood of another ninja it activates the insanity instinc which activates the humunculi state up to 50%

Air: markings found alined down the whole body. the image of the air mark is spirals in the color of white.
-Activation is made due when the ninja is near death in the earth marking state. it activates humunculi state up to 100%

Water: markings found located in the joint areas. the image of the water mark is circles in colors of bright blue.
-Activation is made due when the ninja is dead. the humunculi state activates and forms the body into a demon beast possessing the body possible revival from humunculi can only be made by all the kages at once if they don't die.
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PostSubject: Re: Ka'Kari Prophacy   Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:03 pm

(Unless another admin states otherwise)
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Collard Chibi Fox Chakra
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PostSubject: Re: Ka'Kari Prophacy   Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:53 pm

Wow long but approve since its not Op ^^


Chibi bet


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phantom feara
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PostSubject: Re: Ka'Kari Prophacy   Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:42 pm

cool man approve




tundra inuzuka:
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PostSubject: Re: Ka'Kari Prophacy   Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:57 pm

Yes i approve also. your draw backs and powers even out perfectly.



Chibi Bet.

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PostSubject: Re: Ka'Kari Prophacy   

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Ka'Kari Prophacy
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