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 Kousen: Chapter 2: Rinun? Questions for Hakura

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PostSubject: Kousen: Chapter 2: Rinun? Questions for Hakura   Kousen: Chapter 2: Rinun? Questions for Hakura Icon_minitimeSat Jan 02, 2010 8:59 pm

Chapter 2: Rinun? Questions for Haruka.


Katsu was having a dream... he was still in his Rinun form, but his sword was gone. he found himself looking down on.... himself? 'What the hell...?' he watched, he seemed to be facing a man who had this wierd glove on his right hand, and had a chain in the very hand. "Heh. that all ya got? i'm dissapointed.... how are you going to control that Anei of yours if you can't keep the damn power active!" the man said in a disformed voice.

"Heh... I haven't even used my.... Dainitaira yet.... watch..." The future him stuck out Aikou. "Daini..... Taira!" there was a explotion of White Rinunki with a outline of red then it cleared. Futrue Katsu's shirt had left him and he now had a set of Black angel wings on his back. he also held a thiner Aikou in his right hand. and on his face was a Mask of sorts. "I got 12 seconds. lets go!" The future him let out a huge Preassure That Katsu had never flet before, but something in his head called it Seppaku.

But before Katsu could view more, he was pushed out of the dream and into the world of the living once again.

(living world)

Haruka sat on her legs, in her normal attire, meaning that she had not changed out of her school clothes. as she sat he sighed, then brought her hands to her lips. she had kissed Katsu!! and like Katsu she, too, had a crush on the other. she jolted as Katsu's eyes jolted open, and sat up taking a huge gasp of air.

"HOLY CRAP I'M GONNA D-... wait.... wha?" He looked around, still in his Rinun form and unseeable to the human eyes. "what happend?" he was about to lift his hand when he felt a waight in it, it was his Subeta in his gloved hand.

"wh-what happend...? Haruka?" He asked turning to her. She had her head down, and her Silver hair was covering her eyes. "its... a long story..." Haruka pulled out Katsu's Neckless. "hay. my neckless?" he asked, she put in his hand.

"push it to your heart." she said with her head up. Katsu did as instructed and slamed it on his Chest. His body exploded and reformed into his normal body. "holy crap!?" he sat up and exsamined himself. he was normal. back to his Spiky and black haired self. "cool... but what happend?" He asked her

Haruka got up and started for the door, like i said, its a long-" she stopped when he put his hand on her shoulder. "Aiy... tell me." He said. Haruka bit her lip, then sighed. "fine." she turned and sat on his bed, Katsu sat with her.

"well, it started when......"

(1 hour later)

"and thats when you sliced its arm off with your Subeta and after passed out. then i brought you here." Haruka finished.

"soo.... i'm an Rinun now?" Katsu asked laying back on his bed.


"and i.... kissed you to get it?" he asked agian.

"y-ya..." Haruka blushed a bit.

"and i killed this.... Anei?" Katsu asked sitting back up.

"yes, you did."

"hmm....." Katsu sat thinking. Haruka waited for the explotion. "cool." Katsu said simply smerking. "that just means i'm more awsome!" Katsu jumped up on his feet so fast Haruka would have sworn she had gotten wiplash.

"i mean, how many people get to fight things people cant see!?" he asked her.

"... not much..." She deadpined with a sweat drop.

"well... how do i get back in my form?" Katsu asked having calmed down. Haruka thought for a minute. 'so... he's ok with it.... and wants to learn?... that shouldn't be hard.' Haruka grined. "fallow me and i'll teach you." Haruka got up and walked out the door of Katsu's room. Katsu was behind her in a heart beat.


Haruka made sure no one was around, then told Katsu to use the neckless again. after transforming into his Rinun form she told him to do what she said. "ok now here's your first lesson, making a sound barrior. first call your Sebeta to you by calling or thinking its name."

Katsu nodded and streched out his hand. 'Aikou... come' in Katsu's hand Aikou appeared. he looked it over and then back to Haruka. Said Girl grined. "ok now do as i do..."

Haruka made the motion of stabing his sword in the ground. he did so and watched her. She held out her hands infront of her. Katsu copied.

"ok, now you have to move your Rinunki in a swarl around the area you want." Katsu listend to her and moved his Rinuki around. as it formed it had a Blackish tint to it, normaly the color of Anei... Haruka put this thought aside and watched as his huge Rinunki uncontrolably sworled around, making the wind pick up. "stop." she instructed.

Katsu looked to her and stoped his Rinunki, it flowed a bit before calming and floting away.

'That was huge. his Rinunki is biger than mine... biger than most mid rank Rinun. but it had a dark theme to it too... like Anei Rinunki... and it had... this... feel... it feals like... Kensasu Matsura...'

"Katsu... what did you say your last name was?" Haruka asked. "just curiouse."

"Matsura, Katsu." Katsu said.

"oh.. ok thanks. now i have to teach you to control your Rinunki." Haruka said, she told him to colect Rinunki under his feet and take a step. Katsu did as instructed and steped in the air. He was propeled into the air yelling.

when he came back down he made a dent in the ground, then got on his knees. "oooooooowwwwwww!" Then he stood again.

"wow, your control is baaaaaadddd." Haruka said with her cat like face. she herself had great control over her Rinunki.

Katsu's eye twiched. "h-hay! im new to this! so i'm not gonna be good!" he yelled at her. Haruka giggled. "but most Rinun that are new can stay in the air for 5 seconds before they fall... you just whent up and down." she continued to giggle.

Katsu blushed at the embaressment. "fine.... what do i do."

"well sence your still in your Rinun form i gess thats good. as you stay in your Rinun form, your Rinunki is eaten up and it comes back slowly, faster in your human form. and with better control..."

"i can stay in it longer?" he asked. he did feel like something was eating him away... but not just his Rinunki... something was eating at HIM...

"Well waht do i do?" he asked agian sitting down crossleged.

Haruka sighed and smerked. she walked over to him, and sat in his lap.

"H-hay!?" Katsu asked.

"Hay, i kissed you. are you dence?" Haruka asked putting her arms around his neck.

"kinda. but i can gess at this." Katsu smerked and put his arms around her waist. "i liked it too."

Haruka grined and kissed his cheek. "yes i did." then she got up and backed away. "now, to focuse your Rinunki better, try thinking of something dear to you. a posetion, or a pet or-"

"you?" Katsu asked standing too. Haruka blushed and nodded. "ya." Katsu got up and started to focus. he Moved his Rinunki to his feet, but feelt resistance. "i can't. i can't force it there." Katsu sighed.

"don't force it. just tell it. like giving directions." Katsu heard Haruka say. he nodded and tried again, making a path for the Rinunki to flow. he found it easyer to move. he took a step and lifted into the air, then he took another and another. soon he was 10 feet off the ground and jumping around. "haha! I did it!" he yelled much like a kid.

Haruka grined and called him down. then... Katsu relised... he never learned how to go down... Haruka sighed and began to instruct him on how to get down... with out killing himself by just taking the Rinunki away... oh thats gonna take time...

(1 hour later)

Katsu had now mastered his air walking and was able to go high up and come back down safely. "sweet!" he said as Haruka walked over. she gave him a light kiss on the lips and then said. "ok, good. you've masterd the air walking. now..." she took a step back. "you have to learn how to make that Sound barrior." she said instructing him agian on how to do it.

Katsu stabed Aikou into the ground agian and made a path for his Rinunki. he made it spiral out into a circle like ring around them. then it stoped and the world around them vanished from site.

Haruka claped. "you did it. good job." she said grinning like a cat again. Katsu smerked... then passed out.

Haruka sighed. "gess hes out of Rinunki..." she was proven right when the sound barrior droped. she sighed again and carried him back to his house...

(next day: 9 Am)

Katsu woke up, in his normal human form. "ow... did i fant again?" he asked himself. he was about to sit up, but felt a waight on his chest. he looked down and seen the Silver hair of Haruka. She must have fallen asleep with him. he shuke her awake. "Aiy.... Aiy..." She moaned at being waken up and looked at him. "*yawn* ya?" she asked tiredly.

"time to get up. its." he looked at his clock. "9:10 Am." he finnished looking down at her. She yawned again and snuggled into him more. "no... i wanna sleep... to... tired..." Haruka fell asleep again, and didn't look like she was getting up.

Katsu sighed and laied his head down to sleep...


Katsu woke agian in the rocky world. but this time the future him was facing a girl... and they each held Aikou in there hands.

"A-Aikou..." the future Katsu said. "Aikou........ AIKOU!!!!!!" The future him exploded with white Rinunki witch cleared from view after obscuring him, showing the same Black wings and small Aikou again.

"Zen Yōso-Aikou..." The future him said. he pointed Aikou at the girl, who Katsu gessed was Aikou's tamashī. The Girl looked as if she was Haruka's sister, the same long silver hair, eyes, body, and cothes, but she had Black angel wings protuding form her back.

The girl, now Aikou, grined at the Future Katsu. "looks like you got your SanbanTaira Katsu." the future him looked behind him and seen Black wings. He grined, then passed out, his SababTaira deactivating as he sliped into sleep for the next fiew days.

(Vision/Dream: Seen change)

The Future him was now in a fight with a diffrent Anei kind. The name 'Kan-Anei' poped in his head as he looked at the tall beast. it looked like a grim reaper, but its animal head was hidden behind the hood of its cloak like clothing. in its hands was not a sitche that the Grim Reaper would hold, but it had two balls of Darkness in them witch it held up at future him. the name 'heruburasuto' came to him.

The Future him grined and ran his hand along Aikou, wallst shouting, " Call out and Fade Black, Aikou!" as he said it, Blackish Rinunki flaired around the blade, turning it black and making it grow a new hand gard that spred out slightly and went to tuch the bottem (think KH's Oblivion Keyblade handgard).

The future Katsu took a stance and jumped forword yelling, then swung the blade "Bitama no Kuro Bura!!" A black blast came from the blade and fired out at the Kan-Anei, once it hit the creatures chest, the soot flied open, showing a huge 'X' where the Slash hit. The grim Reaper screamed in pain as it dispersed... then the vision faded.

But before he woke again, he relised something..... Haruka was not in any of these visions....

(5 hours later: Human Relm)

He woke up again to see Haruka still laying on his chest, but watching him now. He blinked and tilted his head. "whats up?"

"hmm..." he hummed, then Haruka reached up to his head, and pulled somehting off. when she held it up, he saw it was a mask. a skull like mask with little blue markings, and a black background. (Ichigo's mask, but with blue tribal marks, and black where white.)

"... whats that?" he asked her stairing at it. it seemed to call to him. it must have formed formed when he was in his sleep, seeing all of thoughs visions. When he reached up to take it, she flicked it agenced the wall, shatering it.

"h-hay!" he yelled in surprise.

she got up, sitting on his stumoch, "that was a mask... and it felt like it had Anei Rinunki in it. its bad luck." 'and the Rinun Karite would be sent after you calling for your blood.'

Katsu sighed. "why did it grow?" he sat up after she had crawled off him.

Haruka shoke her head, "i don 't know." 'Unless your a hybrid.' she got up and sighed.

"well lets start your training again." she walked into a closet and came back out waring something besides her School clothing. She had on a tight black tank top, baggy army green pants, and white and black sneekers. she also had verious black bracelets on.

"ok lets go." she said walking out with Katsu.


Chibi Bet.

And if it all shall fall apart
I will know deep in my heart
The only dream I had came true
Cause I was loved by you.
Kousen: Chapter 2: Rinun? Questions for Hakura Broken_heart-1823
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Kousen: Chapter 2: Rinun? Questions for Hakura
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