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 Uchimaki, Narora [Vizard]

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Narora Araragi
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Narora Araragi

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PostSubject: Uchimaki, Narora [Vizard]   Uchimaki, Narora [Vizard] Icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 7:30 am

Name: Narora Uchimaki

Real Age: 100,005 years

Age: 15 years

Zanpakuto: Shiruba-Ryuu, Hikari no Kairi (Silver Dragon, Light of the sea)

Hollow: Aiyokuia

Appearance: Avatar.

History: Narora was born (well thats boring so)

(Narora was on a mission to kill hollows)

When Narora got to the place he was sopost to kill them, he was tarrafide... why? because of the Vast amount of them and the fact that his partners where slotered not 5 seconds after they got there. he was killed and awoke in what he thought was Limbo.

After that a Shinigami appeared and proformed a Konsou on him, but not before explanning what he did and who he was. his name was Torishio Hitugaya and he was a Shinigami or Soul Reapper. he said something about a man named 'Yamamoto' wanting to see him. he was Konsou'ed to Seritei and was escorted to the 1st Division.

when he got there a man that looked like he was 90 years old was sitting i a chair waiting for him. the man said his name was Yamamoto, and he was also a Shinigami. He said that Narora was to be a Shingami too, because of his unaormal Reiatsu levels.

he went to the Shinigami acadimy and graduated after 2 years with to people, a boy named Renji and i girl named Rukia. they where the best of friends and you could see them every where. when Narora graduated he was put in the 2nd Division.

later after that he was made a LT for his abilitys and the fackt that the cerent one died.

Later (and bair with me i don't know how one gets Hollow Powers) he was sent on a mision and came back with a Mask over his face. he attacked Seritei and almost left it in ruends before he riped it of his face.

he was put on trile and was exiled for obtainning Hollow powers. to this day he travals the world looking for his meanning in exsistance again...

and the rest of his history has yet to be revieald...

Crush/lover: has a HUGE crush on Jackal HIkari.

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phantom feara
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PostSubject: Re: Uchimaki, Narora [Vizard]   Uchimaki, Narora [Vizard] Icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 8:17 am

i aprove!!!!!!!!!!=^^=
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Uchimaki, Narora [Vizard]
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