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 Kousen: Explinations

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Kousen: Explinations

DainiTaira - The Second Level of Power a Rinun Karite can use, but they need to have at leased half there Subeta to use it, and then beat there Subeta in battle for the power.

Subeta - A sword that is made from a Rinun's Rinunki power. It grants the Rinun Karite power in battle and has 3 forms it can take that are listed below and the requierments. each Subeta has 1-2 Specal tecnichs it uses.

KanTaira - The first Level of power a Rinun Karite Can use, but there Subeta is needed to use it.

Rinunki - Rinunki is the power used by Rinun Karite to preform specal abilitys and powers as well as attack enemys.

SanbanTaira - The Third and most powerful Level of a Rinun Karite. They need to have conplete trust in there Subeta To use this Level. the Rinun fuses with there Subeta for a unimaganal amount of power. though powerful this form is only held for a short amount of time.

Anei - The Main enemy in Kousen. they are Rinun Karite that have gone roge and changed into a creature that is forever fused with there Subeta. They have the Appearance of animal with the head of there Subeta's spirit and there Body turns black. there Rinunki also changes to a darker theme.

Kan-Anei - An Anei that has gained enough power to transform into a stronger being. they are at least 5x stronger than the regurlar Anei.

Daini-Anei - A Kan-Anei that has Evolved yet again to a More humanoid look. there Subeta reforms on their person again and can be used in a battle with its shunkan Daini-Anei Form. In their normal form they are 20x stronger than Kan-Anei and in their shunkan they are 50x stronger than a normal Daini-Anei.

Sado-Anei - A Daini-Anei that has changed for the last time into a much more stronger form. They obtain a New Shunkan form called the Sanban. in a normal Sado-Anei, it has enough power to kill a Daini-Anei in is Shunkan form. they are 70x stronger than a Daini in Shunkan form and in there new Sanban they are 1000x stronger than a Sado level Anei.

Anei-Masuku - A Anei that has taken up a host in a Rinun Karite's body. if the Rinun can kill the Anei in them, they gin the Anei's powers and when in use form a Masuku somewhere on the body of the Rinun. when this happens they become a Rinun-yuukai.

Rinun-Yuukai - A Rinun that has obtained Anei powers and kills there Anei, gaining all its powers.

Seppaku - The Pressure that a Rinun Karite's Rinunki puts out when focused in high content.


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Kousen: Explinations
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