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 Kousen: Chapter 1 Rinun or Not?

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PostSubject: Kousen: Chapter 1 Rinun or Not?   Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:55 pm

Chapter 1: Rinun or Not?


"*wistle*" a man is walking down a hallway. a school hallway. the man is waring a high school out fit. a Checkerd Jacket with a Black shirt under it. he had on Blue pants also with a Black belt. his shoes where white on the sides and Black everywhere eles. he held a Back over his shoulder and his other arm was in his pocket.

There was a loud claping of shoes behind him. he looked back just in time to see a Silver Haired girl jump on his back. she had on her Blue Checkerd skert and Checkered Shirt. her jacket was ziped unlike the mans and she had pearcing Brown eyes. she also had a D-cup chest and wide hips giving her that Hourglass look.

"Manka-Kun!!" She said on his back, putting her arms around his neck and grinning like a cat.

"Aiyoku! what the Hell?! get off!" The Newly named Manka yelled at his crush. Aiyoku giggled and jumped off with her own bage appearing out of no where.

"fine fine, you don't have to be so mean." She crossed her arms and looked away, moke pouting.

"wha-but- you.... fine i'm sorry." Manka sighed and continued walking out.

"its ok!" Aiyoku laughed and fallowed him at his side. "so whatcha doing after school?" She asked with her hands behind her back and leaning forowrd to see his face.

"donno. might go for a walk." Manka said glancing at her. Aiyoku grined and ran infront of him making him stop. he was easaly larger than her by about half a head. "can i join you?" she asked with that cat like face of hers.

"sure." Manka said to her, inside he was chearing. his crush was going with him on a walk!

"hehehe, thanks Ka-Kune!" She said hugging him. Manka up on a upset face. "how many times have i tould you not to call me that?" he asked with a sigh. Aiyoku steped away and counted her fingers. "23 times."

Manka's eye twiched at her. he just shruged it off and walked on.

(Later: Matsuro Dojo)

Manka entered his house with Aiyoku behind him. as he walked in he was elboed in the face. "HA! you let your gard down Son!" Manka held his face, and then charged at his father knocking them both down.

"hi... Mr. Matsuro..." Aiyoku said as she enterd too staying away from the two brawlers. "oh, hi Aiyoku." a voice said behind her. She turned and seen a boy about 11 years old. he wore mostly Blue and purple clothing and the ocational chain here and there.

"hi Hami." Aiyoku said to him, watching Father and Son beat eachother into a pulp. She sighed and sat down on the couch.

(6 minutes later)

Manka was glaring at his father. his father was grinning like an idiot. Aiyoku sighed as she watched them. "Manka, you said we'ed go for a walk?" She wined laying her head on his shoulder. Manka moved away from her slgihtly blushing and stood. "i did didn't i? well lets go." he said. mostly to get away from his father who's mouth was open and twiching.

(In the Park)

Manka walked next to Aiyoku with his hands in his pockets. as he walked he got a tingle in the back of his head but dissmissed it as the wind.

Aiyoku seemed to be diffrent though. instaid of her hypper self, she was calm and when the wind blew she sniffed the air. Manka took notice of this but didn't mention it in a conversation.

"you seem quiet Aiyoku." he said keeping his face forword. Aiyoku didn't respond for a second. then he waved his hand infront of her face waking her from her trance. "huh what?" she looked around.

"i said you seem quiet." Manka repeted with a sigh, the tingle got worce and he stoped to put a hand on it. Aiyoku stoped next to him looking at it. "whats up?"

"my head it has-AHHH!!" Manka fell to the ground cluching it. Aiyoku ran to him but was stoped by a huge Black hand. she looked along it and seen a animal like face staring at her. the creature was as tall as a tree and as ugly as one too. it roared at her. She stepd back and out of no where, she pulled a neckless.

She slamed it on her chest and suddenly, her body exploded, and reformed. she was now wareing a long blood red Kimono and a spear in her hand. "lets go Anei." She called. her personality seemed to have changed too. she now had a dark, depressing attatude.

The Beast Roared and lunged at Aiyoku. She pulled out her Spear and stoped its Claw witch was heading for her thoat.

"So its a Rinun huh?" the beast asked in a large boming voice. Aiyoku said nothing and pushed the creature back, then staped her Spear into the ground.

"Senshi... Kage..." Her spear exploded into white particals and reformed in the air as black knifes. she grabed all 4 from the air and threw them.

The Anei's arm was cut off, but it soon grabed Aiyoku with its good arm and threw her into a rock, making it crack slightly at the top. then the Anei turned its attention to Manka, who was looking at it with fear.

'W-what is that...?" he thought. the Anei smerked. "So you can see me? heh. good. i love to see the faces of my victems forever ingraved with fear... hehehe." the beast opend it's mouth and charged. but it did not hit Manka. Manka looked up to see half of Aiyoku's Spear, witch seemed to have changed back to its normal form, break. then the creature swated both Manka and Aiyoku into the fence.

Manka opend one eye cluching his right arm, the creature was standing over Aiyoku. and in a burst of bravery, he shot up and elboed it away. standing over Aiyoku with a bleeding arm and a slightly bleeding head. "don't..... tuch her..." he said weakly still standing inbetween Aiyoku and the Anei.

Aiyoku couldn't beleve her eyes. her friend could SEE her AND the Anei. Normal Humans couldn't see creatures like the Aneis or Rinuns. She tore her eyes away from him and to the Anei who had started to laugh.

"ahahahaha! that was a good one... hahaha wow... so." the creature took a step forword. then another and another continuing to walk to them. "you think your all big stuff huh? well trust me little Human... there's alot of me to fight." the creature grined with its animal like head, and flexed its claws.

Aiyoku turned back to Manka. "Run!! he'll kill yo-" She was intureupted by Manka. "don't... i can handle this guy... size doesn't matter for me... but it would help if i had some power like your's Aiy..." he said glansing at her from the corner of his eye.

Aiyoku looked down then thought of something. If Manka could see her and the Anei, then he had to have alot of Rinunki. and if he did... he could become a Rinun Karite!

"Manka. i have an idea." She said beconing him over to her. he knelt down next to her watching the Anei. it seemed to ketch on to what they might be planing and took ammusment in it and disided to let them try it before he killed them.

"what?" He tore his eyes from the Anei. but kept watching out of his Pherental vision for movement.

"you could become a Rinun." she said looking down then back up, "i'll explain later..." she said to his questioning look. he nodded dumbly "ok. how?"

Aiyoku looked down at her broken spear, that would have been her only way of doing it. but there was another. "ok here's what we do..." she wispered in his ear. he blushed but thought that if it would help protect her, he was game. "ok. lets go." he nodded.

Aiyoku grined then looked at the creature, it had begun to advance on them. it now started to run. Aiyoku got up and got close to Manka, her Red Kimono swaing in the wind that had appeared.

The Anei charged at them like a bullet. and his claws where out. "Die!"

Aiyoku grabed Manka's head and pushed his lips on her own. then as the creature's claws where an inch from them both, a huge blast of White shot in the air. The Anei jumped back screaming at is stump of an arm. the blast had disinigrated it up to his shoulder, leaving him armless.

The white cleared and showed what was inside. Manka now had his arm around a normal Aiyoku, who had a look of surprise on her face. she looked up at Manka taking in his new appearance.

He now had a huge ass sword on his back, raped in black cloth. he wore a all White kimono and Black fingerless gloves on his hands. his hair also seemed to change from Brownis-Black to a all white color. his eyes also changed from a deep blue to a Dark purple. he also let off a arora of power and had a slight wind around him.

"Aiyoku... thank you..." Another of him suddenly appeared next to Aiyoku. the clone of Manka picked Aiyoku up bridal style and jumped away to a building. it set her down and exploded in black smoke. she ran to the edge and looked down at the battle that was to come.

Manka pointed at the Anei. "you... will die." Manka took out his huge ass sword. the cloth fell away, seeming to reagust its size so it was now as long as Manka's arm. it looked like a horse cleaver with a hole next to its tip. it was colored all black whitn a white Blade. it also had Rune like marks along the side.

"what is that?" It asked, unable to point from its lack of hands. it made a mental note to rip this man's arms off before he killed him and absorbed his Rinunki.

"This..." he shoulderd the sword. "This is Aikou no Myou (Life of Love)... and she's out for blood." Manka charged forword, surprisingly fast with that huge ass sword on his shoulder, Aiyoku added mentaly.

a few seconds later the Blade was stabed through the Anei's 'X', lockated on its Stomuch. it screamed and fell away turning to Black dust. "you have not.... seen the last of me!!! i'll kill you and that wench!" the creature screamed to the sky addressing Aiyoku and Manka. the creature gave one last scream and exploded into the black dust and flew away.

Manka sighed and shouldered Aikou. "heh...." then he fell out cold on the ground. Aiyoku ran down the steps of the building roof to him, pushing past people in the croud. to them it looked like she was running to an invisable person.... some could see outlines of what she was running too but shruged it off and continued to walk to where they where going.]

Aiyoku knelt down beside the Uncontiouse Manka checking his pulse and vital signes. she sighed in relefe seeing that he was just tired and needed rest. she smiled and hefted him on her back. good thing everyone had left in cars or where they where going for work, or they'd see a 15 year old girl strugaling to carry nothing on her back...



Chibi Bet.

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-Unloved. (by Naught)
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PostSubject: Re: Kousen: Chapter 1 Rinun or Not?   Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:04 pm

wow that i all i can say




tundra inuzuka:
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PostSubject: Re: Kousen: Chapter 1 Rinun or Not?   Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:16 am

Lol, sounds familiar.
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PostSubject: Re: Kousen: Chapter 1 Rinun or Not?   

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Kousen: Chapter 1 Rinun or Not?
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