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 Anime Alliance: Narora's Death & The Aftermath of the War

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PostSubject: Anime Alliance: Narora's Death & The Aftermath of the War   Anime Alliance: Narora's Death & The Aftermath of the War Icon_minitimeWed Nov 11, 2009 4:49 pm

... I once said... My time would come...


I once said... I'd be the best...

"AHHH!! Damn it!!!" A Loud Crash is heard.

I once said... I wold surpass 'Him'...

"BANKAI!!!" a loud expotion.

... I said... I would get Revenge...

"Getsuga... HIkari-Sendo!!!" another loud crash can be heard, and a cry of pain following.

and i did... just that...

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!" there is a loud explotion... then silance... not a word is spoken...

~Seen Change~

A set of blood red slits are looking up at the sky.


The eye's shift, realizing the people.

'Zero-Sensei... Naruhi-teme... Haji... Dominic...' a voice sais behind the eyes, in someones head.

The one with red hair... Haji spoke with slight tears in his eyes. "... Narora..." the tone of the voice was sad... as if he had lost many people close to him...

"..." the newly named Narora said nothing... From everyone's point of view narora was fading.

His lone Zanpakuto, Edrira... Gone... no longer in the relm of exsisance... Naorra turned his blak and Red slight eyes to himself... and watched as his body turned to Reishi...

If you are wondering why... it is because of the Heart Orb... his evil side... now using the name of Aarora, had tried to distroy all worlds, but failed...

In a last Ditch attemt to distroy the world they where on now, he directed the ball at them... narora had two options...

Let the blob distroy him, the others, and the world with all its people... or sacrifice himself to save everyone and everything...

Needless to say, he those the latter... even with his newly obtained form... Aiyokuia's Full Arrancar form, he couldn't fend off the orb... so he obsorbed it with a specal seal killing his soul and heart in the prossess.

His eyes shifted again to see Sakuri running up to them. she had the widest smile on her face thinking that the thret was gone and everone was ok.

But that disapeared when Zero, Dominic, and Naruhi steped aside... giving clear view of narora's Dizalving Body... She ran as fast as her legs would carry her, desprete to get to him before he faded conpletely.

She stoped at Naroras side... staring at half his body. his legs where gone, and his left arm was starting to go too... she started to form hand seals, but was stoped by a pair of hands, via Naruhi...

"no..." he said simply... a one silible word that ment so much in situations such as this... she pulled away and repetedly punched the Espada Leader's chest, untill she cound't any longer and just cried into it.

Narora turned his eyes to Naruhi saying with them 'Take care of her.' naruhi just nodded, respecitng his enemy's... his friend's... his fake brother's last wish. in Naruhis hand he griped Narora's old Zanpakuto Hikari; now Hikaru from the diffrent Reiryoku and Reiatsu.

Narora gave a light grin thne the last of his body, his head and the area where his heart was located, burst into Silver Reishi and floted up into the sky...

Dominic sighed after a few minutes... regretting what he had said about Narora when he said he was going to sacrifice himself... he had called him every word that came to his mind... and never got a chance to say 'sorry.'...

He looked down and happend to see a paper on the ground where Narora was. he walked over and picked it up. "h-hay... its from Narora..." he said quietly to everyone. they gathered around him as he read it.

'to everyone...

I am writing this because i know i will die... these are my last words...

Untill i return... oh wait i forgot, yes i will return... the world has not seen the last of Uchimaki Narora. *chibi Narora giving a peace sign* but that will not be for another year, if i am predicting at where i will go, right...

So as i am gone i am promoting Haji to the new rank i made, its a Semi-Sotichou rank. and even when i return... he will remain in that rank AND stay in his division at the same time. *haji is silent*.

Naruhi, i know that after i am gone you will look after the Vizards, and the Sereritei with Haji. but watch after Sakuri too. if somehting happens to her beause of your inability to protect her.. i'll come back and kick your ass to hell and back. *Naruhi laughes lightly at that part*

Dominic... i need you to watch over Hikarigakure for me. they wouldn't do good without someone to lead them.

Zero... you where my sensei. you taught me all i know. and now i understand thoughs last words on the last day you trained me ment... 'put others before you... don't let power go to your head.' thanks. *Zero blinks and for a second, his emo mask cracks, but then regains his emotionless face*

Well... thats all i can say...

See ya in a Year.
Uchimaki, Narora. *chibi Aarora giving a peace sign*

Dominic finnished with the letter, and passed it around to the others. it got to Zero and his highly trained eyes cought somehting on the back. "hay. there's something eles on the back." he fliped it over to see a P.S.

P.S: be ready, cuz when i come back, i wanna fight. it may be boreing up there. ***Narora & Aarora have there backs to each other, narora had Edrira raised colecting energy for SanKai, wall pulling down Aarora's Mask.

Aarora is doing the same as Narora, but pulling down a version of Narora's Natural Hollow mask when he was a Vasto Lorde. also getting Edrira ready for SanKai.***

Zero passed it around again, then looked up at the sky, thinking he saw a figure in it. his eyes caught a big grin. and Silverish-orange hair. 'Heh... looking into the past, huh Narora?'

~~Seen Change~~

Narora opend his eyes to... the earth? "wha?" he sat up and seen he was on a small planet... he could feel that it had the same gravidy as his waights had force, maybe more. he undid them and threw them on the ground. but didn't hear a crash. he looked down... and they where just sitting there. 'wha-'

"Hay!" he looked to a man in a orange sute. on the back was the Kenji for 'Fight'.

"U-umm ya?"

"Hmmm.... your new around here... you just die?" the orange clad man asked with a friendly smile.

"umm... ya." Narora answered. who was this guy? someone trying to imitate his grandfather?

"cool. I'm Goku. whats your Name?" The ma-Goku asked Narora.

"i'm Narora."

"Narora huh?... wierd name..." he walked a few feet away then turned back to him in a fighting stance. "you wanna fight? been a wile sence i've faught someone eles on here."

Narora was about to yell at the man, when he noticed that he had a ring around his head... Narora looked up and seen he had one too. he alway's thought he'd go to Hell.

"heh..." he grew a small smile. "sure. lets go!" he said.

'Zero, Naruhi, Sakuri, Haji.... everyone... i'll be back. in a years time...' Uchimaki Narora... was going to give King Kai's planet Hell for the next year.

*the screen moves away form them till there dotes, almost together, then looks up into the sky, and turns white.* But that... is a story for another time...

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